Canaletto Prints And Paintings

Canaletto was a truly talented artist who concentrated on cityscape scenes in several beautiful cities across Europe. Venice and London are certainly the best known locations for his work, but the artist also traveled to several other cities around Europe in order to find new spots to cover in his work.
This Italian drew on experiences from previous painters before adding his own technical expertise to create huge canvases which he would work tirelessly over to add great amounts of detail right across each one. Canaletto seemed to enjoy city scenes of places such as Venice and London because there was detail and visual information to be added right across each work – leaving an impressive finish with almost unlimited longevity.
Canaletto prints and paintings can be seen all over the world today as his reputation and popularity remains very strong. Not only do his originals hold positions in key museums and galleries, but there are also some reproductions of his work in homes across many continents, with his detailed and stylish approach making his city scapes still sought after today.
Famous paintings from Canaletto included View Across the Thames, London Northumberland House, Return of the Bucentaurn to the Molo, La punta della Dogana, Regatta on the Grand Canal, Riva degli Schiavoni from the West Side, The Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge, Rio dei Mendicant Venice, the Upper Reaches of the Grand and Warwick Castle. The artist really produced a huge list of works, in truth, and all followed a similar pattern which has retained popularity right up to the present day, despite the relatively traditional style which Canaletto used.
It is really well worth checking out the work of Canaletto when you next get the opportunity as this Italian artist managed to draw our attention to the most beautiful aspects of several key cities with his artistic eye and also the exceptional detail that most of his large canvas paintings held. Fans in London can enjoy an exhibition of some of his paintings and much of the rest of his career remains in Italy, showing off the beauty of Venice from a great variety of angles.