The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Furry Art

Furry art is a fantastic display of animals taking on human characteristics. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to produce and is thus prized by many collectors. Starting up a collection, both online and offline, is easy to do and can be done by taking a look at the following tips.
Join the Community
Part of the fun of being a collector of this art is the strong community feel that’s associated with it. There are plenty of forums that can be found via Google. However, it has to be said that a lot of this art does encompass strong adult themes, so don’t be surprised if the communities talk about these themes openly.
Offline communities are harder to find but they do exist. If there’s a local community in the area then they’ll probably have a website available for new members to join. Perform a Google search to see if there are any furry art communities in the area.
Electronic Collections
Look online for some pictures to download. Downloading pictures is not only a cheap way to obtain art it’s a fantastic way to sample new artists for later. Of course, it’s not the same as actually owning the pictures, but it’s a worthy activity regardless. Take note that some artists may charge for downloading their pictures onto the computer. It’s rare, but it’s best to avoid these ones as they tend to be only there for making a profit.
Buy the Art
There are plenty of places where furry art can be bought from. It’s simple to find a website that sells this sort of art. They will normally have a stable of artists that will have their work on show on the website. From here it’s just a matter of choosing a piece of art and then having it delivered. Commissions may also be available.
Many of these websites won’t specify one way or another whether commissions are available or not. If this is the case then contact the site immediately and ask about it. Objections to commissions are rare and they will most likely just quote a price for what the user is looking for. Commissioned art of this nature is generally much cheaper than other art circles as it isn’t as popular, so bargains can be had when taking this route to building an art collection.